CoD Modern Warfare 2 – The best type of ammunition – and when you should change at all


No matter how good your weapon is: If you just shoot Tic Tac, you will at best give the opponents in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 fresher breath. The choice of ammunition is important – but not as important as you might think given the plentiful selection. Depending on the weapon, you have a total of six different types of ammunition that can be loaded into the gun. This includes incendiary ammunition, armor piercing bullets or ammunition that slows down enemies.

Which is the best? There’s actually a simple answer to that, but there are still interesting ways to use supposedly useless types of ammunition sensibly. So let’s go through the highlight first and then jump into the details.

By the way, highly recommended: The YouTuber TheXclusiveAce gets pretty deep into the matter in his CoD analyzes – also on this topic here. So if you are interested in the exact values, check out his English video on ammo types. His findings are consistent with our tips.

What ammo type is the best?

On average: Armor Piercing Ammunition. This particular ammunition offers some very useful advantages, minimal disadvantages and can be used effectively in many situations. To list the effects:

  • More penetration: Armor Piercing Ammunition significantly increases the penetration of your bullets through surfaces, i.e. walls, doors and so on.
  • More vehicle damage: You deal 40 percent more damage to vehicles, which is great in Ground War and against killstreaks.
  • Less bullet speed: As a disadvantage, Armor Piercing Ammo reduces your Bullet Velocity by 7.5 percent.


Unfortunately, you have to unlock the ammunition types for different calibers every time.

Bullet Velocity is a slightly more complicated value. But to cut a long story short, the higher your bullet speed, the farther you can shoot without having to hold up. If an enemy crosses the street in front of you, you can aim straight at it and don’t have to shoot in the air in front of him in the hope that the bullet will land just as the colleague runs in.

However, on the small 6v6 maps, Bullet Velocity is only important if you want to hold really long hallways. And even then, 7.5 percent less isn’t a catastrophic deduction. In return, you can get streaks out of the sky faster and shoot through walls extremely effectively. This helps in every match and also largely independent of your gun.

Other types of ammo and when they are worthwhile

The remaining five types of ammunition can be used situationally and only make sense in special cases. We sort all types in descending order still pretty useful until only very rarely useful.

  • High velocity ammo: If you’re playing Ground War or want to hold long hallways with Assault Rifles in 6v6, this ammo will help you with higher bullet velocity with only minimal damage reduction. But only then.
  • Fragile ammo: Doubles enemies’ healing rate, making it very effective for suppressive fire. However, with the low TTK of MW2, you can also go straight for the kill and then avoid the disadvantages of frangible ammo (less penetration and lower damage range).
  • Overpressured +P: Enemies tear their rifle more when hit by you. Hardly noticeable with high-precision assault rifles, but effectively paralyzes snipers and snipers. The additional recoil is quite small.
  • Hollow Point: Allows you to stop and confuse enemies while sprinting if you hit their legs. However, this teaches incorrect player behavior – you should rather aim for the torso and head. There are also penalties for bullet penetration and velocity. Hands off.
  • Incendiary ammo: Ironically, Incendiary ammo is even more effective against vehicles and streaks than High velocity ammo. You also set enemies on fire. But with CoD’s low TTK, that’s not really necessary – and incendiary ammo has zero penetration through doors and walls. Hands off.

It may well be that these values ​​will change again at the start of Season 1 in mid-November. And of course not only the ammunition decides, but also the choice of the right weapon and the choice of the right build. What do you like to play with?

What do you think?

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