WoW Dragonflight – Everything about the Dracthyr

These are the basics: The Dracthyr are a new race for World of Warcraft. They resemble humanoid dragons with long necks, horns and a pair of wings on their backs. This allows the Dracthyr to glide even short distances. Like real dragons, however, they also master the art of transforming themselves into a so-called face form, in which they look like a kind of elf with horns and scales.

Where do the Dracthyr come from? The Dracthyr were created by the black dragon aspect Neltharion (later known as Deathwing) over 20,000 years ago. His goal was to combine the power of the dragonflights with the versatility and flexibility of the mortal races. Thus the Dracthyr emerged as Neltharion’s personal fighting force, which he used most effectively against the dragons’ enemies.

But after a particularly hard battle, the island where the Dracthyr headquarters was located was sealed off and the Dracthyr battalions fell into a kind of paralysis. They also slept through Deathwing’s ultimate betrayal and his return and final annihilation in Cataclysm.

But as a result of recent events, the island of the Dracthyr was awakened again and with it the dragon beings sleeping there. Over the course of the prequel, which you play out directly with your Dracthyr hero, you then join one of two departing Dracthyr troops. Depending on how you decide, you will then arrive in Stormwind with the Alliance or in Ogrimmar with the Horde.

These are the features of the Dracthyr

What defines the Dracthyr? So the Dracthyr have an exciting story. After thousands of years, they are again on the move on a world that they hardly recognize. Also, their great creator and general is now dead, and a cruel traitor at that, fighting everything the dragonflights once stood for.

The Dracthyr are new to the world of Azeroth now and must find their place.

In addition, there is the background as a military elite unit, which was built on strict hierarchies and chains of command. Now the Dracthyr are free to do as they please. This represents a special role-playing challenge: the embodiment of a powerful being from an ancient time, who is released into the new world with almost naive curiosity.

But there are other cool features that speak for a Dracthyr as a new hero.

They are extremely diverse

World of Warcraft offers a tremendous variety of customization options for the Dracthyr. When you create such a dragon being, the editor floods you with umpteen possibilities.

So you have tons of options for horns, wings, snouts and scales. The choices are so enormous that the developers themselves speak of the absurd number of “over 80,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 combinations” on Twitter.

So you get by far the most visually diverse new people in the game when you try out the cool “dragon people”. And since the mass customization options are so complex, there will certainly not be a “clone” of you running around anywhere on Azeroth. Considering that the Dracthyr were actually a military unit, it’s all the more gratifying that they didn’t end up becoming “clones”.

They have two forms

As cool as the Dracthyr may look with their dragon faces, horns and wings, sometimes – especially as a role-playing player – you wish you had a more human face. And face is the magic word here, because the dracthyr have what is called a face form.

As a Dracthyr, you can make the world unsafe both as a cool dragon person and as an impressive face shape.

If you already know the worgen, then you already have an idea what this form is supposed to be. Because like the werewolf creatures, the Dracthyr also have an alternative form that makes them look more harmless.

But unlike the worgen, this visage form isn’t just a generic human clown. Rather, you build another form that looks a bit like a blood elf with horns and scales, with a similar number of options as with the original form. A lot of creativity is also possible here and hardly any face shape should resemble the other.

You alone can play the new class

So fans of unique and magnificent characters will get their money’s worth with the Dracthyr. But the new species also has a completely new class to offer, which only they can choose: the Rufer (Evoker).

This is a class that is a mixture of long-range and melee combat as well as damage dealers and supporters. The Rufer is quite complex and differs noticeably from the other classes in the game. Therefore, Blizzard even advises not to necessarily play them first in Dragonflight. If you play the Caller anyway, then you can look forward to a lot of cool skills, including various dragon breath attacks with which you can “blow” your opponents away in rows.

Also cool: The Rufer are among the Dracthyr, which were created as a military unit, the “Special Forces”. So if you’re playing a Rufer, you’re not a run-of-the-mill soldier fob, you’re an elite warrior who deserves respect.
So much for the cool new Dracthyr in Dragonflight. If you are interested in the story that has happened so far in WoW, then have a look here.

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