RTX 4080 -Nvidia’s pricing policy becomes a Reddit meme with tens of thousands of upvotes – that’s behind it


Almost 25,000 people like it: On Reddit, a post is currently attracting attention that is directed against Nvidia’s current pricing policy for the newly introduced graphics cards.

More precisely, this is a post by the user /u/Ferrisuk, who complains about the RRP of the RTX 4080 with his meme. This is disproportionately high when compared to its predecessors, the GTX 1080, RTX 2080 and RTX 3080.

The community is unhappy about Nvidia’s prices

In the article, he obliges the community not to accept the prices advertised by Nvidia: When you buy the RTX 4080, you say [the prices] are okay, and they’re not.

In the post, /u/Ferrisuk uses the dollar prices of the graphics cards. The German starting prices for the RTX 4080 will probably be even higher. An RTX 4080 ander 1400 euros currently seems out of reach.

The user has received a lot of encouragement for his contribution on Reddit. This is shown not only by the many upvotes, but also by the comments ander the post. Remember when only the Titans were over $1,000? and I’m sick of Nvidia plandering its customers are some of the most popular answers.

Our comparison of past release prices also shows that Nvidia’s graphics card RRPs have been increasing in recent years. Editor Nils Raettig looked at the maps of the last twelve years and got a clear picture.

Graphics Card Prices 12 Years Ago: How Much Better Was It Really?

Why are graphics card prices rising?

Many users ander the Reddit post are mainly blaming Nvidia for the increased prices. And it may well be that the company actually adjusts prices upwards to make more profit from each graphics card.

But even outside of Team Green’s power, there are several reasons that can at least partially explain the increased graphics card prices.

The first and obvious reason is inflation. For example, the GTX 1080 appeared in 2016 at an RRP of 789 euros in the Foanders Edition. If historical inflation is included, this corresponds to a value of 860 euros as of today.


Historical inflation in Germany according to

Another reason is the current poor exchange rate of the euro. Excluding taxes, the GTX 1080 differs in euro and dollar prices by only 58 units (599 US dollars and 657 euros, respectively). With the RTX 4080, this difference should increase to aroand 200 units (1,199 US dollars or approx. 1,400 euros).

But not only the corresponding currencies are worth less than they were a few years ago. The production of graphics cards also seems to have become more expensive. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang addressed this in a question and answer session with journalists.

Accordingly, it is above all more expensive wafers that would ensure increased production costs. In addition, architecture changes would no longer deliver the same progress as a few years ago, making the comparability of GPU prices obsolete.

So there are several rational reasons why graphics cards are more expensive today than they were a few years ago. However, especially in the current economic situation, it is of course anderstandable that many no longer want to pay the increased prices. Our editor Peter also asked himself: Is my hobby still worth these prices? In his article he draws conclusions.

Moon prices for the RTX 4090: If this continues, I don’t want to afford my favorite hobby anymore

Can you anderstand that the RTX 4080 is so expensive? Or do you, like many Reddit users, blame Nvidia? And are you still hoping for falling graphics card prices in the future? Write us your opinion on the topic in the comments!

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