Starship Troopers – The strategy game releases new content as a free update

The strategy game Starship Troopers – Terran Command lets you fight nasty alien insects with brave marines since June 2022 and is based on the films of the same name. If you’ve already played through all of the campaign’s missions, you’ll now get a refill in the form of three new missions and other content. There will be more new content in the future.

It’s in the free update

New unit type

the Chemical Troopers are currently only available in the new scenarios of the update, but they should also play a role in future content. This is a special unit that uses biochemical weapons and is very effective at wiping out all non-human life forms.

Target priority setting

This feature aims to make it easier for you to control your army. You can order your units to attack certain enemy types first. For example, you can now order your snipers to immediately fire on any approaching Spitter Bugs.

New Missions

The biggest innovation of the update are probably the three new missions. Two of them use a new high-score system that rewards you for shooting as many bugs as possible.

Chemical reaction

In the chemistry lab we first test the new units with their special equipment.

Arachnids used as test subjects have escaped from their cells in a chemistry lab and are now wreaking havoc on the facility. With a small task force, including chemical troopers, you are on site to clean up. An unfortunate incident, but a good opportunity to test the new biochemical weapons.

Expanding Gases (Survival Mission)

We can only lose against endless hordes of bugs. The longer we hold out, the higher our high score.

After the incident in the labs, the Mobile Infantry conducts a major field experiment with the new weapons. They are used to defend an industrial complex against endless waves of Arachnid attacks. By eliminating bugs you get points with which you can request new units or open gates to new areas. Your success will be measured by how long you can survive.

Lethal Propellant

The situation in the canyon is also becoming more and more hopeless the longer the mission lasts.

Terran Command sends the successful Chemical Troopers into a canyon full of bugs. You must lead them over rocky paths to smoke out all the nests, but be extremely careful. Because more and more hordes of arachnids are pouring into the canyon from the other side.

Who is the game worth it for?

11:03 Starship Troopers: Terran Command – RTS game review video

If you’re wondering whether the real-time strategy game is something for you, then it’s best to watch our test video. We were only able to give Starship Troopers a rather low rating of 69, which was due to severe interface and gameplay bugs. However, our tester found that he still had a lot of fun with the game, even though it can only keep you around ten hours in total.

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