King of Queens -The series annoys me from the first seconds to the finale with the same bug

Von Staffel 1 bis 9 bleiben nicht nur die Hauptfiguren von King of Queens gleich, sondern auch ein fehlerhaftes Detail.

From seasons 1 to 9, not only do the main characters of King of Queens remain the same, but also one flawed detail.

I know, I know: With regard to the error we are talking about here, you can confidently call me a pedant. But he just catches my eye every episode so succinctly that I can’t help but wonder why this has never been corrected?

This is also a completely different case than the bug from the almost 30-year-old classic Jurassic Park, which I stumbled across just a few months ago. It was only about a single scene and a small but fine detail. This is about something that’s seen in every episode that I find pretty obvious.

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Despite this, I have never heard anyone but myself and my wife talk about the bug and I have not come across it in any article or video. But maybe no one but us is bothered by it? Feel free to write in the comments if you already knew the error and what you think about it.

Before we dive into it, a word of caution: while very little is shown in this article from the final episode of King of Queens, the scenes could still be considered spoilers. So if you haven’t watched the series at all or haven’t watched it all the way to the end, it might be better not to read any further.

Where is the problem?

The sticking point is the house of the main characters Doug and Carrie in the eponymous New York borough of Queens. It is usually shown from the front before a scene takes place there.

While from the outside you can see three windows on one side of the door and none on the other, as well as a staircase that leads directly down, things are different when viewed from the inside. Here we see windows on both sides of the door, and there is a small wall where the stairs should lead down.

King of Queens was filmed in the studio and not in the house that you see from the outside in the series, that’s for sure. But over the years (or from the start) couldn’t a better fitting home have been found?

An unimportant detail

Don’t get me wrong, I really like King of Queens. Even if there are definitely aspects of the comedy series that can be judged critically (to which this error is not seriously one).

But I’m currently watching the series again from start to finish and it’s difficult for me not to stumble over this little inconsistency again and again, because the house can be seen from the outside over and over again in every episode.

Finally, to emphasize once again that mistakes can happen and that nobody is immune to them, I recommend the following podcast on the biggest fails from the tech editorial team. I wasn’t there in this episode, but I definitely have enough to tell about it.

Link to podcast content

Do you remember certain mistakes in series or films – either because they catch your eye so quickly or because you overlooked them for a long time? Write it with a short description in the comments!

What do you think?

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