New poll -Windows 11 vs Windows 10 vs Windows 7: Who comes out on top?


If you play on the PC, you usually rely on Windows – even if a lot has happened in recent years when it comes to playing with other operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS.

We want to know more about it and are therefore starting a new question about the Windows version that you primarily use on your desktop PC – if that is the case at all.

And yes, the survey also explicitly mentions Windows 8/8.1, although we don’t mention it in the title and teaser image. That’s because it happens to have appeared as an intermediate step after Windows 7 and before Windows 10, even if it’s by far the least used of the four based on previous surveys of Windows versions we’ve done.

Windows versions in the course of time and rethought

While our survey deliberately focused on Windows versions that, realistically speaking, still have significant relevance on gaming PCs today, some time ago we dared to take a much further look back of a different kind.

To be more precise, it was listening back, because we grabbed the most memorable Windows startup sounds and packed them into a little quiz for you. Feel free to try whether you can allocate the sounds to the correct Windows version!

On the other hand, if you prefer something for the eyes instead of the ears, take a look at this design concept for Windows 7 by a Youtuber. In our opinion, it’s really impressive, but it’s best to take a look for yourself:

In contrast, Windows 10 and Windows 11 almost look old: Windows classics in a new guise

On the other hand, if you are up to date and have been using Windows 11 for a long time, then we have something interesting for you up our sleeves: To be more precise, it is about hidden features that you should definitely know.

Let us know in the comments which version of Windows you currently primarily use and why, as well as which version has been your favorite over the years. We are looking forward to your opinion!

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