»Invisible« loudspeakers are supposed to cause a revolution in driving

Unsichtbar sind die neuen Auto-Lautsprecher von LG nicht, aber zumindest sehr flach und flexibel einsetzbar.

The new car speakers from LG are not invisible, but at least they are very flat and can be used flexibly.

Many of you are probably familiar with this: If you listen to the radio, music or a radio play together in the car, the sound is never equally loud and equally good for everyone. LG wants with its new invisible Loudspeakers not only solve this problem, but even revolutionize the sound in cars in general. But how?

The core of the whole thing is the problem that conventional loudspeakers take up a relatively large amount of space due to the components required to produce the sound and therefore cannot be placed as flexibly in the interior. LG’s solution: Significantly smaller and flatter speakers.

In the official press release, LG also names matching figures for the so-called Thin Actuator Sound Solution in the size of a passport (15×9 centimeters). Accordingly, it takes up only 30 percent of the weight and ten percent of the thickness of conventional car loudspeakers.

How do the speakers work and what do you think of them?

For the promised rich, immersive 3D sound experience To create, suitable vibrations are generated with the LG speakers with the help of the materials in the car itself, which ultimately ensure the desired sound.

The big advantage is that the compact dimensions mean that the loudspeakers can be placed in many different places, such as the dashboard or in the headrests. This should also prevent the sound experience from (too) differing greatly depending on the seating position.

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While the flexible application options can be quite helpful in our opinion, one crucial sticking point of the compact loudspeakers cannot be assessed without our own tests: how good the sound is that they can produce. We are rather skeptical, but are happy to be taught otherwise.

Independent assessments of the sound quality of the Thin Actuator Sound Solution can be expected at the latest at CES 2023, which takes place from January 5th to 8th, 2023 in Las Vegas. The audio solution will be presented there. The market launch is then planned for the first half of 2023. A completely different, unusual sound approach from the gaming sector recently surprised us positively:

Gaming speakers to wear around your neck: Much better than I feared

How do you rate LG’s new sound solution for cars? A really helpful innovation, much ado about nothing, or something in between? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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