What famous games were AI crossed with famous painters in these images?

It’s beyond amazing what AI can create in a matter of seconds. Convince yourself of it with the help of our pictures – and guess what you can see on it!

Imagine that famous painters like van Gogh or Monet lived in our time and liked to play a game or two. So it would make sense to immortalize your favorite game on canvas instead of starry nights or water lily ponds.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, we now have an idea of what this might look like – and we like it so much, we think the results are a must-see! To be more precise, it is about the mid-journey AI, which is currently in an open beta phase.

What is midjourney? At its core, it is software that creates images from text input. Along the way, we’ve paired famous painters with well-known game series via the appropriate Discord channel. For example, entering Claude Monet Super Mario led to this very interesting image:

Test your knowledge!

For the sake of this article, let’s stick to our harmless variant that crosses famous painters and game series. Many of the images created by us or by the AI ​​are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also great fun to guess.

At least that’s how it felt for many in the GameStar editorial team, who were very happy to give their tips on which artist and which game it is about.

A treat that we can share with you after consulting the creators of Midjourney, so below are six more AI-created artworks. Feel free to guess in the comments! For standardization, it is best to always proceed in the following format:

  • Image #1: Monet / Super Mario
  • Image #2: Painter X / Game Y
  • Picture 3…

Important to know: artist and game only appear once each. So if you think you see a Monet in two cases, it can only be true in one of them. Monet and Super Mario are also out for this round, as they were already used in the image above.

Final Notes

Of course, you can also give tips on just one or a selection of pictures. If you want to be as uninfluenced as possible, it is also best to read the comments only when you have already written down your own tips. Ultimately, however, only one thing is decisive: that you have fun guessing.

Sometimes it should be very easy for you to come up with the right answer with the artist and/or the game. However, one or the other difficult case is certainly there. The resolution will take place later this week.

By the way: If you enjoyed the quiz, we can start a second round. In order to keep it clearer, we will first limit ourselves to the following six pictures. We are very excited about your answers and feedback and wish you a lot of fun participating!

Image #1

Image #2

Image #3

Image #4

Image #5

Image #6


  • #1 Vincent van Gogh / Grand Theft Auto
  • #2 Salvador Dalí / No Man’s Sky
  • #3 Edvard Munch / Alone in the Dark
  • #4 Pablo Picasso / Minecraft
  • #5 Andy Warhol / Tomb Raider

Are you very sure about your tips, or rather unsure? Which picture do you like best visually and where did you find it most difficult to guess? Feel free to describe it to us in the comments!

What do you think?

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