Netflix Introduces Gamertags: How to Secure Your Desired Name

The streaming provider is now starting to introduce gamertags for its in-house games. We’ll explain how it all works.

Xbox, PlayStation, EA Origin, Uplay, Steam – everywhere we have now called usernames or gamertag or simply ID. Now Netflix also joins this list, because the streaming giant wants to further expand its game offensive and introduces individual user names in this context, which are used in in-house titles detached from the actual profile designation.

When does it start? As the provider announces in an official blog post, the global introduction of the new feature starts immediately. However, this does not mean that you will already be offered the new feature in your member area. Experience has shown that such innovations are rolled out in several waves, which means that it can take a few days or, in the worst case, weeks before the lively naming starts in Germany.

The good news: We already explain how the process works so that you can immediately secure your desired name as soon as it starts.

How to assign a gamertag on Netflix

Strangely enough, Netflix only provides for the allocation of a gamertag via the mobile apps for Android and iOS. If you log in via your PC or YOUR TV, you won’t see anything of the new feature. On top of that, the approach differs between Android and iOS, which is why we split this guide and start with Apple’s ecosystem:


  • Launch your Netflix app
  • Download one of the two Netflix games Lucky Luna or Rival Pirates
  • Start the game and you will be asked to assign a gamertag
Apple users have to download one of two games to assign their gamertag.


  • Launches the Netflix app
  • Navigates to the Games tab at the bottom of the screen
  • As soon as the assignment also starts in Germany, you will see a banner here that offers you the creation of your gamertag
On Android, German users get a banner in the Netflix app as soon as the feature starts in this country.

What’s the benefit of a gamertag?

As mentioned above, your Netflix gamertag is not the same as your normal profile name that you use for movie and series consumption. This allows you to interact with other users in video games without having to reveal your true identity as a couch professional.

Has the feature already been displayed in the app and were you able to secure your desired name? What do you think about the introduction of gamertags – meaningful innovation or unnecessary additional ballast? Feel free to write us your opinion on this topic in the comments!

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