FIFA 23 does not start: Anti-cheat tool causes error 404 and other problems – EA calls solution

Update of September 28, 2022: In the meantime, EA has set up its own support website around the topic of anti-cheat, where you can get further help with problems.

Meanwhile, in social networks such as Reddit, the reports of Early Access users about performance problems are piling up, which, according to those affected, occur mainly in matches. In our test, we could not determine this problem, which is why there was no devaluation in this respect.

It is conceivable that EA will release a patch that takes care of the performance until the release. In addition, Nvidia and AMD are likely to release new graphics drivers in the foreseeable future, which may also improve the situation.

Original message: Kick-off is coming soon! FIFA 23 will be launched on 30 September and, as in previous years, many fans will be able to get started earlier thanks to Early Access. Which figure the last FIFA of all time makes on the pitch, reveals our Libero Dennis in his big test:

And in the context of early access, it is becoming apparent: On the PC, the technology often plays the miserable Shiri and pulls out the red card on many computers already at the start. In other words, cryptic error messages, all of which seem to be related to EA’s in-house anti-cheat protection, are currently causing problems and causing FIFA 23 not even to launch.

We have collected all the information about the currently known bugs and show you what is behind them. Especially nasty: In one case, the cause of the problem is not FIFA itself, but the Windows 10 operating system.

The good news is that there are already some good solutions. And even EA has now contacted us with a workaround, which we will of course pass on to you.

these issues may occur when you start fifa 23

In a¬†Reddit thread¬†that already counts over 1,000 comments, numerous FIFA fans have come together since the Early Access launch and shared their experiences. Some don’t even manage to start the 10-hour trial at all, as one of the following issues occurs:

  • A banner of EA’s anti-cheat tool is displayed at launch and nothing else happens.
  • At startup, the message¬†You have no access¬†is displayed.
  • The game tells you:¬†Secure boot is not enabled.
  • When starting via EA Origin, the error 404 occurs, which says:¬†An error has occurred in the matrix.

How does FIFA 23 work for us? Also on our test computer not everything ran smoothly at first and we did not come into play in the meantime due to the above errors. In the meantime, thanks to a fix that we received on request from EA and pass you on in the following section, we no longer have any startup problems.

Many fans can play in FIFA 23 for 10 hours before release – but only if they come into the game.

Solutions to get FIFA 23 up and running

Since we were able to solve our problems with an official feedback from EA, we also start directly with this approach:

  • Starts the command prompt as an administrator. Press the Windows key and type¬†cmd¬†in the search box. Then right-click on Command Prompt and select¬†Run as administrator.
  • Now copy the following command, paste it into the command line and confirm with Enter:sc sdset eaanticheatservice D:(A;; CCLCRPWPCRSDRC;;; WD)(A;; CCLCSWRPWPDTLOCRRC;;; SY)(A;; CCDCLCSWRPWPDTLOCRSDRCWDWO;;; BA)(A;; CCLCSWLOCRRC;;;I U)(A;; CCLCSWLOCRRC;;; SU)S:(AU;FA; CCDCLCSWRPWPDTLOCRSDRCWDWO;;; WD)
  • As a result, you should see the message¬†[SC] SetServiceObjectSecurity SUCCESS. Now you can close the window and FIFA 23 should start.

Didn’t that work out?¬†If, contrary to expectations, this method does not work on your computer, we have other potential solutions for you that you should try:

  • Uninstall EA Anti Cheat: By default, you can find the tool under the path¬†C:\Program Files (x86)\EA\AC. Then start Origin as an administrator by right-clicking on the program in the Windows Start menu and¬†selecting Run as administrator. Now Origin will reinstall the anti-cheat protection. Then try to see if FIFA 23 starts.
  • Checks if TPM 2.0 is enabled:¬†If you are confronted with the error message¬†Secure Boot is not activated, the problem could be the TPM module (Trusted Module Platform), which is installed on your motherboard and must be activated in the BIOS.
  • Wait and see:¬†Yes, sounds stupid, but at least in the case of the seemingly endlessly displayed anti-cheat banner, according to some Reddit users, it should help to have patience and wait. These may be server-side issues.

If these suggestions could not help you either, you have to take a seat on the bench at the moment and hope that head coach EA will finally let you on the field as part of a patch soon.

What’s next?

Despite EA’s official solution proposal and the other tips, we will continue to monitor the situation for you¬†and get to grips with the game. Should we encounter further problems, you will of course find out immediately at this point!

Are you also having trouble starting the trial phase of FIFA 23? If so, could our tips help you or did you otherwise come across the solution? Feel free to write it to us in the comments!

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