From tablet to monitor: Samsung’s Slidable shows where the future of displays lies

This has never happened before: Yesterday, Samsung showed the first prototype of an extendable slidable display. The Samsung boss is sure that this is where the future of PC screens lies.

At Intel’s InnovatiON event, not only the organizer, but also Samsung caused quite a stir. The Korean manufacturer presented an extendable PC display as part of the presentation.

This is still only a prototype. But when it comes to Samsung, the new technology that allows a screen to dynamically expand from 13 to 17 inches is supposed to be the next big thing. Of course, Samsung has already considered a catchy name for the technology: Slidable should be the name of the pull-out displays.

Anyone who now draws a comparison to foldables, i.e. folding screens, is exactly right. Because they are replaced by slidables. At least that’s what the CEO of Samsung Displays, JS Choi, thinks and states: Foldable is gone.

Google will probably see it differently. Rumor has it that they are currently working on their own foldable Pixel Fold.

Samsung Slidable: 13 becomes 17 inches

In practice, the display, whose diagonal is 13 inches when retracted, can be easily pulled apart. The two lateral frames diverge and thus create a 17-inch frame.

Meanwhile, the display rolls out, as you can see around the video linked below from minute 51:33. The still image shown on the display adapts to the new proportions.

According to Samsung, the display will be used in the future, especially in the environment of small computers in tablet size and provide more mobility. Especially for convertibles that switch between tablet and notebook, this technology could represent an added value.

Samsung’s Slidable display is new, yet it’s been around for a long time

This is not the first time we have heard of displays that can be dynamically rolled out and thus adjusted in size with Samsung’s Slidable.

In the past, various manufacturers such as LG and Oppo had already presented such concepts for new, extendable smartphones. However, none of these products ever reached market maturity.

However, Samsung is the first manufacturer to introduce a prototype for PC displays and does not focus on the smartphone market. Whether and when we can expect a real product here, however, is still in the stars. Optimists could already be hoping for initial hands-on experiences at CES 2023 in January.

In addition to Samsung, Intel in particular also showed new products at the InnovatiON event. The two most important announcements for players? New processors and Intel’s flagship graphics card. We have written you the most important information about both together.

  • Arc A770
  • Raptor Lake

Are slidables the next big step after foldable screens? Or just a gimmick that nobody will cry after in a few years? And when do you expect a first product that will bring the prototype to series maturity? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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