Mega project at sea – This ship is so big that even the Titanic could fit four times in it

(Bildquelle: Royal Caribbean International)

(Image source: Royal Caribbean International)

(Image source: Royal Caribbean International)

Regardless of whether it is the longest underwater tunnel for cars and trains or what will soon be the largest building in the world, most superlative projects have one thing in common – they are stationary. But there are also exceptions: Cruise ships, for example, are sometimes not only mobile, but often also incredibly large. Anyone who has ever looked up from a pier on an ocean liner will know why superlative is the right word here.

And in March of this year, the largest cruise ship ever went into service. The Wonder of the Sea is a whopping 362 meters long, 66 meters wide, almost 73 meters high and can accommodate 6,988 passengers and 2,300 crew members. The total of 2,867 cabins are spread over 16 decks. Onboard entertainment includes a large green space called Central Park, an Aqua Theater as a backdrop for shows, and a 150-foot slide that descends ten decks. In addition, there are of course plenty of restaurants, cinemas and an obligatory mini golf course.

The Wonder of the Seas with 230,000 GT (gross tonnage) pushed the Symphony of the Seas into second place with 228,081 GT. Both ships fly the flag of the cruise company Royal Caribbean International and belong to the Oasis class. The construction costs of 1.3 billion euros are also record-breaking.

The Allianz Arena looks like a detached house next to it

To give you an idea of ​​just how big the Wonder of the Seas is: Have you ever driven past the Allianz Arena in Munich? Well, the passenger ship would be 23 meters taller than FC Bayern’s home base and would also be 104 meters longer. It only has to admit defeat in terms of width (66 versus 227 meters).

If you’ve ever sat in the Allianz Arena: Even in the top tier you could just barely make out the stern of the ship, because it’s a good three and a half times as long and just as wide as the playing field (68 by 104 meters).

Want more comparisons? Measured by volume, each of which we have calculated as a cuboid for convenience, Wonder of the Seas is four times larger than RMS Titanic (sunk on her maiden voyage on April 15, 1912). The largest passenger ship in the world was 294 meters long, 53 meters wide and 28 meters high. A cuboid with these dimensions has a volume of 436,296 cubic meters, while the new leader has 1,744,116 cubic meters.

The world’s largest passenger aircraft in the form of the Airbus A380-800 would even fit 170 times into the new largest cruise ship. It is 73 meters long, 24 meters high and the wingspan is 80 meters. Since the height of 24 meters refers to the fin or rudder at the rear of the machine and the cabin is only around seven meters high, the wingspan in the form of a cuboid is included in the belly of the aircraft (i.e. 73 by 24 by 6 meters is 10,512 Cubic meter).

Finally, a sobering record: The Wonders of the Seas consumes the unbelievable amount of 250,000 liters of diesel per day. In addition to the drive, they are also required for generating energy. So the ship is almost a small town, not only in terms of its dimensions. 

What do you think of the cruise ship? Could you imagine a trip on it? Or are you against cruises? Write it to us in the comments!


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