Dead Space – New screenshots show more of the Remake’s visual glory


Necromorphs in all their sickening glory: Dead Space Remake features new screenshots of the industrial spaceship USG Ishimura, alien monsters and engineer Isaac Clarke, who uses nothing but his tools to fight off the threat.

The images appeared on the official Dead Space Remake Xbox Store page. You can see the three new screenshots right here:


Image 1



Picture 2




What do the pictures show?

In the first image, Isaac Clarke is gliding through a large hold of a ship in which human corpses appear to be floating. In addition, the disgusting growths of the Necromorphs are entwined on the walls, which gives the scene the typical deep space horror .


Dead Space Remake - Join us for an atmospheric walk through the engine compartment

The second picture shows Clarke standing on a promenade in a dark room permeated by vapors, while in the background cold light falls diagonally from above, revealing a large technical apparatus.

Image number three shows the hero’s typical over-the-shoulder look, aiming his laser cutting tool at the limbs of a menacingly approaching Necromorph. The spooky monster is backlit by yellow-toned volumetric lighting.

when can i play this

That’s my first question too. Luckily I already found out. Dead Space will be released on January 27, 2023 . So it will be a while before those interested can pass the time with Isaac’s rejuvenation.

If you can’t wait until the end of January, we encourage you to check out The Callisto Protocol. You can tell from every pixel that the former developers of Dead Space are at work. Read our interview with industry veteran Glen Schofield above.

What is Dead Space doing to you? Are you looking forward to the remake? Are you getting into The Callisto Protocol? Or did you jump off the PC screaming like I did with Alien: Isolation? Tell us in the comments!


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