Dream – Why a controversial Minecraft YouTuber is showing his face for the first time in 8 years

After more than eight years of waiting, the guesswork is now over: The Minecraft player Dream, who is one of the most popular YouTubers with over 30 million subscribers, revealed his face for the first time in the night from Sunday to Monday – and went viral with it.

Over 16 million people have seen his face reveal, but the reasons behind the decision to show his face aren’t as positive as the views.

Masked YouTuber Dream shows his face for the first time

Who is Dream? Dream is currently the biggest Minecraft YouTuber and has been active on YouTube since 2014. Among other things, he is the inventor of the Minecraft Manhunt multiplayer challenge that attracted millions of viewers in 2020 and was involved in a cheat

What is behind the popular multiplayer challenge & the Twitter trend

Dream has always kept a big secret about his face because he only showed himself with a mask. Just like other well-known YouTubers like Corpse Husband or GermanLetsPlay, who also want to remain anonymous, this caused a lot of speculation as to what the YouTuber might look like.

Prior to the reveal, he built his Face Reveal as an event by Facetimening many of his YouTuber friends for the first time and they all posted their reactions on his face, such as tech pundit Marques Brownlee:

Why Dream shows his face

In his video, Dream reveals some personal details : The American’s real name is Clay and he is 23 years old.

He also reveals the reason why he has now decided to show his face . One of his YouTube friends moved to America with him and he was just fed up with being locked in his bunker . He wants to do things in real life without constantly worrying about leaks.

However, there is probably more to it : For years, trolls and toxic fans have been trying to gain attention with fake leaks, making confused claims and stalking his family and friends on social media:


With his Face Reveal, Dream has now put an end to the speculation . But despite looking like a pretty average 23-year-old man, he’s been enduring quite a lot of hateful comments about his looks these days. The hashtag #Dreamfacereveal is currently trending on Twitter, which mainly includes insults and strange comparisons that try to identify him with a Habsburg chin, for example.

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