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Everyone should try this: Fantastic pictures that you can generate yourself. All you have to do is enter a text. That sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? 

The term “artificial intelligence” is currently being used in an inflationary manner and yet – or perhaps because of it – very few ordinary people know what it actually is and how it works.

Entering its testing phase, a new artificial neural network that creates images from text captions will offer a chance to a million enthusiasts to generate more realistic and accurate images soon, according to a statement announced by its creator

Although the arrival of AI has led to fears of humans being replaced by machines in fields from customer care to journalism, enthusiasts see the technology more as an opportunity than a threat.

Over the past few years, a small community of artists have been using neural network algorithms to produce art. The most recent text-to-image systems often produce dreamy, fantastical imagery that can be delightful but rarely looks real.

It’s staggering that an algorithm can do this. Each set of images takes less than a minute to generate. Not all of the images will look pleasing to the eye, nor do they necessarily reflect what you had in mind. But, even with the need to sift through many outputs or try different text prompts, there’s no other existing way to pump out so many great results so quickly.

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We often feel like our ideas have to be super complex but this series of “Ballerinas by Anish Kapoor” by Guilherme Konrad Bantel reminds me that simplicity is powerful.

Ballerinas of Anish Kapoor
Hidden Orchestra – Spoken
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